Louis Vuitton is a luxury fashion house that specializes in handbags, luggage, footwear and other leather goods. It has been in business for over 140 years. Today, following a design-led strategy in which new colours and bold combinations are introduced each season, pieces from the Louis Vuitton brand are true icons of modernity with worldwide appeal to people of all ages.

When do you need Louis Vuitton

1. Transforming the Old

Louis Vuitton has always been committed to reinventing themselves by revolutionizing the traditional. In order to stay ahead of the trends and strengthen their brand they have made many changes to their business model.

Louis Vuitton has constantly reinvented itself, trying out new styles and trends, while keeping their quality standards high. With this brand, you never get tired of seeing new things from them because it is constantly changing its line up of bags and shoes every season.

2. Creative thinking

The creative thinking behind all of these changes is what sets Louis Vuitton apart from other luxury brands in the market today. Louis Vuitton has always been focused on the quality of the materials and the craftsmanship behind each and every piece instead of only focusing on making a fast profit.

They are one luxury brand that has an extremely loyal fanbase than any other luxury brand in the market today. This is because they have always done things slightly different which is why they have an extremely high repeat purchaser rate.

3. Clothing line Louis Vuitton

At present, Louis Vuttion products are available at stores throughout the world, including Japan, China and Europe. They have even expanded their product line to include perfumes for men and women besides other accessories like glasses and shoes. Their clothing line has also been one of their biggest successes in the recent past. They have complied a varied line up of clothing that includes jackets, shoes, bags and even jeans and men’s suits.

4. Manufacturing Quality Products

The quality manufacturing process of Louis Vuitton is what makes them so popular among the masses and a luxury brand that is recognised all over the world by people who have never even planned to purchase a bag or other item from them.


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