Clothing trends are always changing, and parents can never be fully prepared to keep up. Some kids styles are popular for only a few seasons before the next ig thing’ comes around. Other styles last for years.

Because of this, it becomes imperative that parents not just stay informed on what is currently trending in the youth market, but also which items are timeless classics that can be worn year-round and with different types of clothing styles as a child grows up.

1. Jogging Pants

The most popular trend among kids this past year has been the combination of a sweatshirt or hoodie with jogging pants. The main reason for this style is that it is comfortable, warm and stylish, especially for young kids who desire an active lifestyle. It can be worn with hoodies, jackets and jeans.

2. Striped Pants

This style was very old but new again this past year, so we are seeing more designs on clothing. Long pants now have stripes! This is where you will see all the young boys wearing skinny pants and long striped shirts, usually in crew neck or V-neck t-shirt type shirts, but also in long sleeve button down shirts (see #9).

3. Versus

While this is not a fashion trend per se, more and more parents are sourcing clothes for their kids in order to differentiate them from one another, so the colors and styles of who’s wearing what can sometimes be a very distinct indication of respect or difference in status amongst different kids.

4. Hoodies/Sweatshirts with Graphic Imprinted Looks

Children are showing off their designer shirts by making them have graphics such as Superman and Batman on them, which will only be worn once every few years by the child’s friends.


It is best to get a trend-proof wardrobe for your kids. Find out what clothes will remain hip throughout every season and purchase those pieces first. It helps to keep the same base of clothing, mix and match it with new trends each season, and then you can save yourself from throwing out clothing after a year or two.


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