Watches are an inseparable part of every woman’s outfit. They are available in different colors, like silver, gold, or rose gold, they are made of a variety of materials and they come in so many different designs. Wearing a stylish and beautiful watch will definitely make everyone look at you. Shinola offers a variety of women’s watches for every modern woman. Here is a list of their best 8 ladies watch.


1. The Canfield Sport 40mm

A scratch-resistant, durable ceramic bracelet with a hidden clasp, along with an Argonite 5040.D 40mm chronograph, a calendar aperture, and long-lasting battery make this watch the perfect accessory for women loving a classic, durable and shiny watch.


2. The Birdy Moon Phase 34mm

Fabricated in Detroit using world-famous Swiss parts, the Birdy Moon Phase is a modern, sleek watch that’s ideal for smaller wrists. The watch also features a premium quality leather strap in bourbon that’s removable. Thus, you can customize the watch depending on your wrist’s size or by purchasing an additional strap in the future.


3. The Birdy 34mm

If you are a fan of smaller, bracelet watches, then this rose gold watch may be the ideal choice. The bracelet has a dense weave and smooth finish, making it ideal for modern women wishing to draw every eye to their wrists. A hidden clasp makes it extremely easy to pull up the release on your own.


4.24mm Runwell Watch Pendant Necklace

With a 24mm polished gold stainless steel case and a beautiful, sleek design, it is no wonder why this Runwell Watch Pendant Necklace has gained the admiration of women who are fans of pendants. The great thing about this watch is that you can wear it as the perfect, shiny accessory to your neck, as well.


5. The Vinton 38mm

With a solid stainless steel case featuring a pumpkin crown with a modern twist, The Vinton is a luxurious and stylish woman that’s perfect for women of all ages. However, what really makes this watch stand out is that its case back is perfect for engraving. You can engrave whatever you like, including your husband’s or wife’s name, a special date, etc.


6. The Runwell 41mm

A beautiful white dial with Arabic numbers and a solid stainless steel case make this watch perfect for every woman preferring a larger watch. It is 41mm and features a sophisticated leather strap that’s cut and sewn in America, using high-quality materials. The watch comes in a unique wooden box.


7. The Runwell Chrono 41mm

Assembled in Detroit using Swiss parts and materials, the Runwell Chrono is a quality and durable watch that’s scratch-resistant, as well. It drives the hours, minutes, and seconds, and also features a calendar aperture function with precision. Its stopwatch function enables women to measure elapsed time if need be.


8.The Petoskey Birdy 34mm

A smaller watch with a 34mm case holding a sapphire crystal, this watch is strong and durable. Arabic numbers are displayed in polished gold tones and since the Petoskey stones come in a great variety of colors, it is extremely difficult to find an identical timepiece. Its gold bracelet is removable and a butterfly clasp complements perfectly the watch.


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