Handbags are an excellent investment because they are not only the most visible accessory that any woman can wear but they are also highly functional as well. Embellish your beauty with any of these 8 chic and high-quality women’s handbags and seize the day every day.

1.Belmont Tote in Canvas

The Belmont Tote in Canvas is a perfect companion for every woman as it can accommodate every item needed to spend an entire day whether for work or leisure. Belmont is made out of OCS-certified 100% organic hardwearing cotton canvas with chic Italian leather trimmings which makes it a great tote option no matter the occasion.

2.Kress XL Tote

If you’re looking for the best handbag to wear at the office or to a fabulous weekend event, then the Kress XL Tote will not disappoint. With its elegant design, signature full-grain leather material, and extra large size, you can embrace that boss lady vibes and seize the day.

3.Alex Laptop Bag Set

For women on the go, having access to your laptop all the time can make all the difference for your productivity and success. In this light, the Alex Laptop Bag Set is a perfect handbag to add to your collection because it allows you to carry your laptop everywhere and in style.

4.Elizabeth Small Crossbody Bucket Bag

Whether you’re in dire need of a new handbag or you just want to reward yourself for a job well done, the Elizabeth Small Crossbody Bucket Bag is a great gift that keeps on giving. It is a beautiful crossbody bag that you can easily transform into an elegant wristlet strap bag that can accompany you in spending lovely evenings with friends.

5.Willow Envelope Crossbody in Canvas

If you’re loving the aesthetics of the Belmont Tote in Canvas, then you definitely should get the Willow Envelope Crossbody in Canvas to match. An extra large bag is definitely something that a woman needs but things can easily get lost in a huge bag. With the Willow Envelope, you can access your phone, keys, and wallet with ease.

6.Envelope Clutch

There’s something about envelope clutches that we can’t get our eyes off them. And the best thing about this envelope clutch is that it comes with a beautiful gift box that you can simply purchase and send as a gift.

7.Meadow Mini Camera Bag

The Meadow Mini Camera Bag is not only for your camera because it can serve as your wallet as well. It’s a perfect handbag for quick trips or running errands no matter what time of day.

8.Medium Willow Envelope Bag

It is a compact handbag that features 4 interior card slots, 2 large pockets, and a zippered compartment for extra storage. The Medium Willow Envelope Bag doesn’t only come with a chic design because it can also stand on its own which is highly convenient, especially at times when you need to simply place your bag on your office table.


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