At some point in your life, you’ll realize that cheap and common suits are not cutting it any longer. Though it’s not always feasible to spend thousands of dollars for a custom-made suit, Indochino presents a solution by offering approachable yet luxurious custom-tailored suits for anyone. Here are the must-have, timeless, and premium package suits you can get from Indochino.

1.Hereford Cavalry Twill Black Suit

The cavalry twill collection of the brand is inspired by bequest materials used to make military and riding uniforms centuries ago. By softening the hand feel and making the fabric weight lighter, this classic black suit is a fine nod to formerly sublime for contemporary wear.

2.Hartley Cotton Stretch Light Blue Suit

A suit that flawlessly matches your utilitarian style, Hartley’s cotton stretch fabric is fashioned for active ones or those who have long days. The straightforward design and fabric feel luxurious yet durable. Moreover, it provides a sturdy, refined, and light feel.

3.Hayward Flannel Olive Suit

Keep warm during cold days in this rich olive piece brushed into an ultra-soft finish. A perfect addition to any men’s winter wardrobe, this affordable flannel suit provides a comfortable coating during the winter season. The versatile staple though simple is designed to be durable and can suit any earthy tones.

4.Hemsworth Prince of Wales Midnight Blue Suit

This tried-and-true, reliable, classic, and versatile suit can withstand any of your daily hustles as it is made from pure and durable premium wool. The brand’s best-seller can carry you through any workday, dressed-up party, or formal occasion.

5.Hayle Sharkskin Gray Suit

The Hayle Sharkskin Gray Suit is a statement, unique but timeless, must-have piece. This midweight wool gray suit features a soft hand-feel and richly textured, stylish appearance. Gray suits are handsome and striking and they’ll make you look like you’re doing a photoshoot.

6.Highworth Burgundy Suit

Be a master of elegance and subtlety with this burgundy Highworth midweight wool suit. The diamond geometric weave fabric of this suit gives it a unique depth and texture that looks best up close. As you wore this exquisite armor to any event or party, anyone will surely want to get close and thorough with the details.

7.Hayward Flannel Camel Suit

The heavyweight wool fabric of this suit offers protection against the chilly air, while its spandex fabric moves with your body as you catch a cab on a cold winter street. This classic Hayward suit in camel showcases the ideal blend of style and substance.

8.Hartley Cotton Stretch Khaki Suit

A utilitarian’s holy grail, this suit is made from a durable blend of cotton spandex that’s perfect for anyone. Whether you’re a secret agent or cyclist, plain mobile or upwardly mobile, the Hartley suit is for you. Aside from being custom-made to your specifications and measurements, it is also delicately tailored from high-quality fabric and components.

Indochino’s premium package suit jackets can either be unstructured with reduced canvas for a casual, relaxed fit and breathability or half canvassed for superior shape and greater versatility. Additionally, each jacket features bullhorn buttons, high-quality collar felts, fully canvassed lapels, and lightweight shoulder pads. These suits are undoubtedly essential to have in your wardrobe.


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