Some of us love makeup, and some of us hate it. But whether you’re a pro or not, we have a little something to help you achieve your desired look with less time and less money spent at the drugstore. Forget the frustration of trying to make one shade work on your skin tone; this list will provide you with four easy-to-follow daily tutorials that use natural ingredients that only come from nature!

1) Flawless Foundation: Pour a few tablespoons of honey into a small mixing bowl. Add one tablespoon each of lemon juice, arrowroot powder, and mix until it becomes thick enough for application. Apply to face with fingers or damp brush for full coverage. Let dry completely before continuing.

2) Easy Eyeliner Look: Simply mix equal parts of Vitamin E oil and brown or black eye shadow, depending on desired color. Apply to upper lid with an angled eyeliner brush or cotton swab.

3) Easy Natural Lipgloss: Mix one teaspoon of arrowroot powder in three teaspoons of melted coconut oil and put into a small container. Dip a small lip brush into the mixture and apply to lips to create a shimmery gloss. Perfect for enhancing natural lip color!

4) Natural Makeup Remover: Use an equal part of water and castor oil. Squirt a small amount into palms and rub gently onto face to remove makeup.

5) Natural Lipstick: Mix equal parts of honey, mango and cucumber juice, and use a paintbrush to apply to lips.

6) Natural Eyeshadow: Using a makeup brush or clean finger, mix equal parts of coconut oil, water and a few drops of essential oil. Apply directly from fingers using either a small brush or your hands.


You’re all set! You’ve gotten through each step in the natural makeup tutorial. You can now take these simple steps and apply your own look. They are the best way to customize your own natural look and contour your face.


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