Choosing the right frame style is important. If you choose one that doesn’t fit or goes well with the shape of your face, it will compromise your overall look. You should also prioritize comfort over style. The frame should perfectly fit. It does not need to look dazzling. Choose a style that you can pull off no matter what outfit you wear. It is a tedious task to choose men’s eyeglasses frame styles. This article can help you choose. Here are 8 men’s frame styles that you can try.

1. The Kirby

This frame is a best seller. Buyers love its big size and square shape. This frame will fit and suit those with wider faces. This is also recommended for those with a round shape face. If you want an oversized look then you can always try this frame.

2. The Larkin

The Larkin frame is for those seeking style and appeal to their glass frames. This is made from cellulose acetate that is hand polished. The spring-loaded hinges on the frames allow flexibility. The frame is also lightweight and durable.

3. The Finley

This frame style is perfect for all face shapes. No matter whether your face is round or oblong, this medium-width frame will look great on you. It’s very versatile and comfortable to wear. The frame is anti-reflective and resistant to scratches.

4. The Casper

This frame is for traditionalist men. If you prioritize functionality overall then, this is for you. This features a rectangular frame that suits medium-width faces. The keyhole nose bridge makes this frame stand out. This will ensure that the frame will sit perfectly on the bridge of your nose.

5. The Soto

This frame is for the trend lover men. It’s super stylish and goes well with any outfit you wear. This features round lenses. The keyhole nose bridge is another thing to love about this frame. This will fit most face sizes and shapes.

6. The Twain

This frame is not exclusive to adult men. It can also fit children from 9 years old and above. It’s very flexible so putting this on will not be a hard task. It’s also lightweight and fashionable. This is a universal fit so most likely it will fit you.

7. The Reese

If your face is petite, then this glass will suit you perfectly. This features a round shape that looks great on people with small faces. The frame measurement is 48-19-140 so you have an idea of how big the frame is. The lens height is 40.4 mm and the frame width is 133mm.

8. The Otis

This frame features a unique design and shape. If you want to look smart or sophisticated then go for this one. Its design is very contemporary. The frame features wide round lenses. This will fit perfectly those with wider faces.


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